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R-Cafe / Sauerland / Germany | Public Air Pump

Some time ago the company SKS had asked a local restaurant owners in the Sauerland a pumping and & repair station for testing purposes. now Recently an interim report with respect to the feedback has been taken to the station.

For half of the year stands at R-cafe, a restaurant on the Ruhr valley bicycle path in the Sauerland, an SKS pump & repair station. In the station, which was produced in cooperation with the Polish company IBOMBO, an SKS Airworx floor pump is installed. In addition, cyclists have the option of smaller defects with various tools to fix.

Earlier this year the company SKS Germany became aware of the Polish company, as these are the SKS Airworx pump installed overhead manometer and high quality in your pumping stations due to your. After SKS had taken over the partnership for a station in the Himalayas, the decision was made to even buy a IBOMBO station and to make this a local caterers available to test the stability and benefits and to obtain feedback from cyclists.

The conclusion, which has now been drawn at the end of the summer is very positive. Over the last few months they could procure remedy many cyclists with a flat tire. The weather has also withstood. Over the winter, the pumping station at the R-café is now time being stored and erected on time next year for the start of the cycling season again, so that they also may prove again the cyclists to be useful itself.

Based on the positive feedback on the SKS pump & repair station, the company has decided to also offer other restaurateurs and retailers such station. Interested parties can contact the company SKS Germany are welcome.