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21 oktober 2021

IBOMBO in Africa once again!

This project was carried out by our Czech distributor Cyklohub, Kola pro Afriku and Czech Embassy in Washington. Kola pro Afriku – The charity organization Czech Bikes for Gambian Schools (CBGS) is a voluntary organization based in Ostrava (the Czech Republic) and managed by Roman Posolda.

The charity organization Czech Bikes for Gambian Schools (CBGS) has been helping Gambian students in their education since 9 years. Almost 8000 Czech bikes, which were no longer used by their owners, were donated to Gambia. Thanks to these bikes the students don’t have to walk long distances on foot to their schools. Not only do Czechs donate the bikes to these schools, but they also share the knowledge about the maintenance and donate the bike tools. Moreover, they make the efforts so each school can have its own bike-handyman.

As a proof of the fact that our bike repair stations made a lot of fun during transportation and installation we took some photos shown below. Children, with the help of our stations, assembled their own bikes and later were trained on how to care for them.